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How Does It Work?

The use of the W1 mailing address is provided by a team located in York Street, London. The business has been located at that site since 1985 and they ensure that the mail received for our companies is sorted and mailed out to clients every working day. The office also has a meeting room which can be booked as required and used to hold meetings with your customers.

The telephone number is provided via a bank of numbers we have allocated from BT. Using standard telephone programming (available on all telecom networks) your business can divert it’s calls to your dedicated Ruby receptionist when you need support.

To find out exactly how it works read on, or better still, watch our demo video.

“Diverting our calls was easy and took a few minutes to set-up…”

You can choose to divert all of your calls to us, or leave your system to divert when your lines are engaged, or go unanswered for more than three rings.

We start by allocating you one of our receptionists - a ruby. She will be the person taking the majority of your calls and maintaining contact with you day to day via phone and email.

You then re-direct your calls to us when you either can't, or don't want to take your own calls. We answer in your company name and, based on your brief, either take a message (which is immediately dispatched via sms or email) or patch the caller through to you, whether you're on a landline or mobile.

The caller won't know they are being diverted and they will hear the normal ringing tone.

When that call comes into our system it uses some clever technology to find your Ruby, and 'pops' her screen with your company information. This means she knows the call is for you and is ready to answer it with all of your information to hand.

“I want to give a professional – Big Company feel - to my business…”

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